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Would you like to talk to me personally about hormone supplementation?

Customized Hormone Restoration
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Find out how you might benefit from hormone supplementation.


Gary London, M.D. has been in the private practice of medicine in California for over 40 years. A recognized expert in hormone restoration, he now limits his practice exclusively to helping patients delay or reverse the negative effects of aging.

After graduating from UCLA, Dr. London received his M.D. degree from New York University School of Medicine, and then completed his postgraduate training at USC. In addition to his long career in direct patient care, he received awards for his clinical research, served as President of his Medical Society, was a Member of a California State Health Commission and served on a National Health Council in Washington, D.C.

Board Certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology, Dr. London has delivered over 4,500 babies. In caring for thousands of patients, he gained vast experience in the use of hormones. Recognizing the anti-aging benefits of hormones for both men and women, Dr. London now specializes in age-management medicine and hormone supplementation. He has written and lectured extensively on the subject of aging. His book "Thank You Suzanne Somers" wins praise for its clear and concise explanation of the role of hormones in maintaining health. Suzanne Somers recommends Dr. London in her books.

Hormone supplementation differs from standard drug therapy because, with hormone therapy, one size does not fit all. The prescription for each hormone must be customized to meet your unique needs and be adjusted frequently. If you are considering hormone therapy, begin by consulting with a physician who specializes in this field. Choose one with knowledge, experience and easy accessibility. Your age management therapy will continue over a long period of time and requires a close relationship with your physician not only at the start of therapy, but for as long as you continue in treatment.

"From your first telephone call, all of your contacts will be directly with me. I will meet with you personally to discuss the pros and cons of hormone therapy. After our first meeting, you will decide whether or not to proceed. If you choose to go forward, I will arrange for laboratory testing of your hormones. If it is determined from your tests and my clinical evaluation that you would benefit from hormone supplementation, I will customize a treatment plan based upon your specific needs. Unlike some other doctors and age-management programs, I do not sell hormones, but I will prescribe yours and have them delivered directly to you from a pharmacy. I will personally monitor your progress, arrange for convenient periodic blood tests to make sure your prescriptions are perfect and will provide you with easy to understand written reports to keep you fully informed at all times. Please call me to talk about how you might benefit from hormone supplementation or to schedule an appointment if you would prefer to talk in person."
- Dr. London

• Why you need hormones
• How hormones work
• Why they decline with age
• Signs and symptoms of aging
• Benefits of hormone therapy
• How to stay young longer

"Dr. London has renewed my faith in doctors. His reports are easy to understand the program is simple to follow and he always accessible - he even gives out his cell phone number."
Charles B.

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